The Chat: Guess the 1st Guest!

The Chat: Debut Eve. I’m listening. Waiting. Breathing. Feeling very still. This bird knows what I’m talking about.
Tomorrow: launch day. I’ve set it all in motion – there’s no going back now. That’s a good thing.
There’s only one last thing to do: see if you can guess the guest!


This photo provides a few gentle clues:

  • She’s a she!
  • She uses her voice beautifully.
  • Has marvelous plumeage.
  • There’s a reasonably good chance you’re heard – or heard of – her, if you’re active in social media.

I chose my first to be – well, first – because her over-arching message is so sympatico with this show’s. She walks her walk, has tremendous energy and a great ability to put creative concepts into words.

She’s my one and only 2-part Chat episode and I’m STOKED she’ll be kicking off this show!!

Guesses? Anyone? Bueller?