A Cool Interview

I was asked to do an interview recently by “just a guy” (hehheh, his words) Jay Juliano. He’s a business owner back on New England – but his first love is photography. I thought it was pretty cool that he reached out to someone he didn’t even know and ask for an interview. That’s SO in the spirit of “The Chat” – and reflects such a cool brand of “get up and go” that of course I said yes! Since this was one of the photos Jay chose for the article, you can click the photo to go there. For those who only look for links, it’s here on Jay’s website.


Here’s what I loved about doing this…
The way most blog interviews are done these days, the person gives you the questions and you write out your answers. But I didn’t have time to do it that way. I did have time to record them – and that’s easy, since I do voiceovers professionally. I guess you knew that. Anyway, I recorded my answers, sent them over and after about what seemed like 10 minutes, he had the transcription. I exaggerate about the 10 minutes- but it WAS really fast. I asked him what software he used… and he said it was the one where he listens to a section, stops the recording, types it up, rinse, repeat. Hahahahah!! In other words… no fancy software, just good old transcribing by hand. I was impressed. Although I have to admit, I wondered if Dragon Naturally Speaking would have done the job as well as the company claims. I almost wished he’d done it that way so I could find out!

I thought Jay asked good questions. They were different than the norm. Insightful. Not always so easy to answer. That was another reason I agreed to do it… he was just smart about the info he wanted. Anyhow, I just gotta say… hat’s off to anyone who goes the extra mile to put action to their vision. He did a wonderful job!

I just want to say thanks to Jay… and I hope you keep getting out there and following that muse!!

That goes for all ‘o yous. 😀