Living Life with "The Chat" is an Art

After only two weeks of my new baby being out in the world (I’m referring to “The Chat with Karen Hutton” here, lest we get off-course on the first sentence. heh.)… I can tell you it’s been an unexpected ride. Unexpectedly AWESOME!! More about that in a second. But first: who, oh WHO can my next guest on “The Chat” BE?? Remember… it’s coming up this Monday at 10 am! Wheeee!!

Hint #1: Finds the materials for his/her art in 2 lands.


So, launching The Chat was exciting. Nerve wracking. A little painful – the kind you forget as this splendid new creation is born in the world. Thank god for selective memory in the pain department. heh.

The show has been embraced – by you and by all NEW “yous” that I’m now getting to meet. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the warm welcome!!

I call this photo “All Roads Return to Light”. Because it looks like that story to me. I feel like we’re all living that story; most recently by starting “The Chat.” Even though it was unnervingly, paralyzingly scary at times, when it went live… as it crossed that invisible line between for-my-eyes-only and full manifestation out in the world… it was like a part of me came alive again. Like I was leaning into the wind, on board the most magnificent steed as we dipped and soared in the skies; flying for the sheer, exhilarating fun of it. Alive. It’s a feeling I had when I was younger and then… I dunno. It was like we crashed and I woke up later with only partial memories of the thrill of flight and my steed was gone. You put yourself back together and move on – but something always seems to have gone missing.

In the past 10 years, it’s all been coming back to me. Faster now, in the past 2.5 years since Google+. Photography made it accelerate. And now with The Chat… my steed is back. I’m feeling the wind in my face and exhilaration of flight. And quite honestly, I’m still getting my balance back!

Here’s what I know to be true: all roads lead to light. Because everything IS light. It’s not the photography, the show, the work, the “thing” that matters most… those are all conveyances, leading to the same source. The Source is the key. However, it’s the MOST fun to choose conveyances that make the journey more entertaining, more fulfilling along the way. Because if you can uncover what it is you’re meant to do – and then do it – well now, THAT’S an awesome ride!

Have you seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk (and if you haven’t, get thee hence: Elizabeth Gilbert at TED)? She wrote “Eat, Pray, Love”… the runaway bestseller book that was made into a movie with Julia Roberts. She also gave a most amazing TED talk about finding/re-finding our elusive creative genius. I just thought you might enjoy it.

Likewise, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. If you’re like me – and only the exhilaration of leaning into the wind will do – you’ll love both.

And so, my fellow “Life as Art” travelers… let’s hop onto our steed lean into the wind and do the thing that scares us the most! We might amaze even ourselves.

And oh yeah –  let’s guess the next guest on “The Chat!”