PSST! Daria Musk, Part 2 is Coming!

 The Chat: Part 2 with Daria Musk on Monday!

Part 2 of my Chat with Daria Musk is coming this Monday! Watch it here on the blog and on my streams on Google+ and Facebook. It’s so much FUN!! We finish our conversation from last week (if you didn’t catch that one… you can see it here!) Then she sings!

Did you know: Daria has a philosophy about “Laughing in the Face of the Lion”. She explains it here. It’s very cool. It was just one of the many insights she shared with us throughout both episodes.

That IS what this show is all about, after all.. insights. From folks who have been/are engaged in living their life as if it were their art… and being successful at it!
They laugh in the face of their lions (or tigers, as the case may be)… stay focused and follow their star.

Let’s all do that, ‘kay? Wheee!