THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Ron Clifford!

I’ve known Ron Clifford for over 2 years now. For close to a year of that, we co-hosted the show “LIFE Through the Lens“. We’ve talked via hangout and phone, solved the problems of the world many times over.

However, the day we recorded this episode of THE CHAT was the very first time we’d met in person!! It was completely amazeballs!! A whole gaggle of us photographers descended upon Las Vegas, Nevada for Photoshop World earlier this month – including Ron, who flew down from Canada. Knowing THAT was going to happen… I decided there would be no Hangouts OnAir for us! Only an in-person, on-location Chat was going to cut it.

This is not the FIRST episode I’ve done on-location… that one is still upcoming. But this IS the first one I’ve aired… although far from the last! My bigger vision for this show is that they are all done that way! For now, OnAir Hangouts DO bring us across the world ever so much less expensively. So in any and all instances where it’s feasible, I’ll set up lights, camera, action and Bring It in person!

Ron Brought It too… talking about passion, social media, the business of photography and the single most important thing he’s learned THIS time around in his photography career (he was a professional shooter for many years before taking a hiatus. Now: he’s back, in a whole new way!)

Without further ado, may I present Ron Clifford, with me in full 3D for the very first time!!