The Daily Grind

I named this photo “Daily Grind.” Mostly because it ended up looking the way coffee smells to me. Which is odd I know, but there it is.

“Daily grind” also made me think about the artists, photographers and business folks I’ve talked to so far on “The Chat” and some consistent traits I’m already noticing. They kind of redefine the entire daily grind notion.

My last guest, “Red” HongYi has a daily “grind” of doing her art/work every single day, PLUS traveling between her two countries to do them. But she loves it, is always upbeat about everything when I talk to her and is always has a sense of childlike excitement about what’s coming next. I don’t mean “childish”… but the ever-magical “childlike”. Big difference.


We talked about this before and after our recorded hangout. Not in those exact words… but Red and I chatted about the importance of attitude and mindset when seeking a certain quality of art-meets-life. We totally agree that we choose how we feel about things and events… which in turn dictates our outcome. Red has a sunny disposition, for sure – but she also gets and acts upon the understanding that what she can envision she can create. I think that ties into her art too; she can envision her portrait’s outcome so strongly that it doesn’t even matter what medium she uses. Basketball, coffee mug, carnations, cabbage… she’s like Honey Badger in that way. It just doesn’t matter the material – she’ll produce art with it. Gleefully!

Red takes huge delight in the new offers and opportunities that are starting to pour in. She almost seems surprised by them! She is certainly in wonder and gratitude about it. And I’ve noticed that to be be another trait marking successful “living life as an art” people. Their art and heart are truest when they are NOT driven by ego… but by something more magical and innocent than that.

It’s like their superpower has everything to do with something greater than themselves… and they know it. So they don’t get hung up on taking themselves too seriously (see Rule #6 in Benjamin Zanders “Art of Possibility”!), because they know that THEY aren’t the source of All That Is… they’ve been given a gift. And their ONE job is to be a clear enough conduit for this creative force to come through them and manifest in all its splendor. It’s a humbling experience…and quite glorious. Most feel it’s why they were put here on this planet.

Although Red didn’t say that in those exact words… I know she’d agree with me. She’s very humble, delighted, full of joy, gratitude and appreciation for the gifts she’s been given. That’s what makes her such a beauty and force to behold. She IS carrying this “spark of divine fire”** with grace. As was intended.

The idea of a “Daily Grind” is quite beautiful then. The mashup of smells, textures, ideas, inspirations… of vision and action and the manifestation of something beautiful. Quite a lovely brew, I’d say!


** From “My Fair Lady”, based upon “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw