Gordon Fowler: The bits you DIDN’T see!

In the last episode of “The Chat” (click this link to see it!) I talked with Gordon Fowler, President and CEO of 3 Fold Communications. He’s also a dear friend of many years, whom I’ve seen through more than one job, cross country moves, a divorce, raising three boys, starting a multi-million dollar ad and marketing agency from scratch.

Gordon’s a bit of an overachiever. One of our bonding points. Heh. Consequently, when we recording HIS Chat episode, we did not one – but two complete run throughs. Each had so many choice nuggets of information and insight, I couldn’t let the second one go to waste! So here are some of the OTHER topics we covered that day.

Here, Gordon talks about Legacy (one of my favorite topics):

In the Random Questions segment of the show… I asked him a 2 part question, that any parent can relate to: “What was the most important thing he gave to his boys – and what the most important thing they gave him?”

Finally, this is just silly… and typical of where – at some point – Gordon and I end up. sigh.