THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Kalebra Kelby!!

Talk about being a living, breathing inspiration for living an artful – and an art-filled life! Kalebra Kelby is all that – and more! Co-owner and principle of Kelby Media Group, pilot, singer, artist, iphoneographer, host of The Pinterest Show on Google+, wife, mom and awesome friend… Kalebra has her own unique approach to just about everything she does.

In this super special episode of The Chat, I caught up with Kalebra at Photoshop World convention in Las Vegas. It’s an event she and her husband Scott created and present each year – where they also perform with their band, Big Electric Cats. That’s only fitting, since that’s how they originally met; creating music in a band together. That collaboration went on to include much, much more!

Every time I talk to her, I walk away with new ideas and a new appreciation for the power of simple things – and how “being in the moment” can have HUGE impact in life, art and business. She lives life to the fullest, succeeds big and has her great big, beautiful heart leading the way. Call me a fangirl – but I loved Chatting with Kalebra – and can’t wait to do it again! Soon, please!

It is my sheer delight to present the one and only, Kalebra Kelby…