THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Peter Giordano

Today’s Guest:

Tech exec, mentor, leader, innovator, photographer, dad Peter Giordano ( has such a refreshing view of life and career. One of the things I love most about talking business and career with him is how easily he takes complex ideas and shapes them into simple models that make wrapping my head around those tough, “too-many-options” decisions a cakewalk!

Speaking of Too Many Options… I had that problem in choosing our theme for this episode! Peter is so versatile and interesting to talk to, it was a challenge honing down my list! But what captured my attention for all of us artist/creative types, is his really simple system for defining the best place to focus our attention for the best possible outcome in our career path.

A Simple System

Most creatives I know are incredibly multi-talented. And we all want to build (or change) our career around something we’re good at, love to do and can make money at. We’d like some method to help us choose what things we’re going to do for our own satisfaction – and what we’ll do for money. We want to be sure we’re spending our time and resources on the right stuff and not spinning our wheels. And it changes over time! It’s a dilemma I hear over and over with my photographer, artist and musician friends. Well, Peter’s got SUCH a great approach to that whole conundrum… I decided to start there. It’s brilliant!

My Vision for The Chat

From the very beginning, I wanted “The Chat” to bring some of the most interesting, incredibly insightful people I’ve met to you. In my opinion, the benefit of their perspectives… whether they’re from your career field or not, can’t be overstated. I’ve learned so much from experts of all sorts in my life. And here’s what’s so interesting to me (I suspected it would be the case, and indeed it is): the more people I talk to about what they think “it all boils down to”… the more I hear the same core answers.

Core Truths & Values

In this episode, Peter talks about examining your core values in determining where to go next. He says: “If you know your values, you’ll know your value.” I love that… and if you heard my chat with Ron Clifford, he said much the same thing. As did Kalebra Kelby and Gordon Fowler, in different words.

A great teacher of mine once said: “You’ll know you’ve found a Truth, when it works everywhere it’s applied.”
Over the years, I’ve learned he was right.
So when I meet someone like Peter Giordano, who so easily creates career and life systems – that apply across the board AND who loves sharing and helping so much… I know I’ve found a true gem.

I’m so delighted to share him with YOU!


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