I’ll Take Mine Inspired, Thanks.

Creating Our World

I have a deep belief… certainty, even… that we create our worlds with the power of our belief, faith, knowledge, wisdom, discernment, actions. I’m not here to debate whether or not you think that is true… I’m simply going to show you two photos. One represents my world when I still had doubt about what I just said. The second: well, perhaps you’ll say it’s the view through my very own rose colored glass. My mom used to be accused of wearing rose-colored glasses… but she didn’t care, she just went about her business of creating her world just the way she wanted it. Like the soul artist she was. She also laughed a lot more than other people did.


So. Here’s a representation of a world-with-doubt:


It lacks some conviction, but it’s not all THAT bad. There are pretty things.. some trees, nice water… those mountains in the distance. They’re nice.



[Inner little kid/muse speaks up in this mock inner dialog]

I miss clouds.


And it’s sunset… where’s all the color?


I feel gypped.
I’m sorry. (because in a world full of doubt, you say “I”m sorry” a lot)


Inspired-Colored Glasses

Here’s the view through inspired colored glasses.
Created with joy, delight, laughter.
Kid’s happy. Muse is happy. I’m happy.


The end.