How To Tell If You've Got Sensor Dust

Sensor Dust; Or Viewfinder Schmoo?

Ever see lint, specs, spots, schmoo in your viewfinder and wonder if it’s on your sensor or just in your viewfinder?
Well, here’s a way to tell fershures… explained by my very own camera guru, Steve Sweringen of Camera Clinic in Reno, Nevada.

Steve is completely awesome. He used to build cameras for Nikon back in the day – and has been working on them for 20+ years. He’s just one of those wizardy, scientifically minded guys who seems to know everything about cameras… and is also happy to share what he knows. (He and Gordon Laing would get along great!). I learn something new and wonderful every time I set foot in his shop!

This Had To Be a Video

The other day I brought the hubs’ and my cameras in for cleaning; turned out Joe had both lint and dust on his sensor. Steve said “You know how to figure out if it’s sensor dust or just dirt in your viewfinder, right?” Well, turns out I didn’t know… so he showed me. (He’s never boorish about it, I always love hearing what he has to say).

When he was done I said “Steve! We have to video that – it’s a fabulous tip and I bet a ton of people would love to know it!”
The only video camera I had with me was my Google Glass… so that’s what I used to record this little 4 minute show ‘n tell.
Man, I wish the audio were better on Glass! I guess that’s an area where they’re still working out the kinks. But it got the job done, so there it is.

I’m trying to get Steve on some of my social media channels… I think people would adore him! But until I drag him over, I’ll just have to keep dropping in and recording his awesome tips. hehheh.

Need Help? Call Steve

You can find him online at: Camera Clinic USA dot com and at his shop in Reno, Nevada.
If you’re ever in the area with a camera that needs a little TLC… he’s your man, hands down!

And tell him I sent ya!