My Awesome Visit to The Grid!


It All Started When…

How did this all happen? Well, my friend Kalebra Kelby invited me! When Kalebra did an episode of The Chat in Fall, 2013… we had such fun, we didn’t want it to end. So Kalebra piped up: “Come to Florida!” To which I cried: “An ADVENTURE! I’m in!” To which she responded “You can be on The Grid when you’re there!” And I exclaimed “Really? Cool! That’ll be fun!”

That’s pretty much how it happened.

Meeting Kelby Media

Little did I know how MUCH fun it would be visiting Kelby Media!
From the first person I met walking in, to the last one I hugged as I was leaving… the entire organization was incredibly warm, enthusiastic and delightful to be around. They have some MEGAWATT talent over there… zero ego and a zillion times passion and love for what they do. They all welcomed me with open arms and I felt incredibly honored to spend time amongst them.

Of course, Scott and Matt are the best… and you’ll be seeing BOTH of them on upcoming Chat episodes. I can’t seem to go anywhere anymore without wanting to haul people onto my show… and they all go willingly! That’s just so much fun unto itself. Then, stepping onto set of The Grid, it was a blast because Matt and Scoot are both willing to play and bounce comments back and forth with ease and great sense of humor. That makes it sooooo much fun and easy. I mean, you know how awkward some conversations can be where the timing is off and the participants have a hard time thinking of what to say next? Yeah. NONE of that goes on at The Grid! It was all “c’mon in, the water’s fine!”. Ahhhhhh.

Plus I loved the topic: “How to Become a Better Photographer in 2014”. Great way to kickoff a year!
I got to bring all the artsy/soul side of things… they go for the more brass tacks approach, so it was the purrrfect mixture of perspectives.

Y’know, it feels good to be appreciated – I don’t mind admitting it. And even better to feel like you’re making a contribution right back, especially to something as cool as The Grid.
People’s response seemed to be super positive all the way around… which just makes it a win-win-win dealio all the way around.

On To Disneyworld!

As for me and Kalebra’s visit?
We’re at Disneyworld… and I get to meet Keith Barrett for the very first time in real life!!
He and I go back to the beginnings of Google+… when I was doing a show called LIFE THROUGH THE LENS over there and he was managing the hangouts. He’s AWESOME. He works behind-the-scenes at Disney and promised a tour way back when.

Baby, I’m cashing in!
More on that next time!