Seeking Miracles Everyday

Living Life in the Miraculous

I’ve mentioned before that I like to choose a theme for my years. It helps guide my vision and approach to things… and remind me how I want to FEEL and what I want to CREATE in my life. 2014’s theme is “Living Life in the Miraculous”. This image feels like a page out of that book:


Where to Begin?

To me, wrapping my head around a life of the miraculous means shifting from imagining that miracles happen only occasionally and bestowed upon the few… to remembering that The Miraculous is our natural state. My mother used to tell me this was true. But I never took anybody’s word for anything growing up, so had to see for myself. If you were to ask me what I know for sure at this point in my life: that we are hard wired for The Miraculous is one of them.

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise: most of us weren’t taught to live in the expectation of daily miracles, but a more dire kind of day-to-day existence. And since whatever we focus upon the most tends to happen (kind of a miraculous event in and of itself)… well, you know the rest.

Ask… Receive… Rinse… Repeat

So here’s my approach. Every day I ask for a miracle. Something delightful, unexpected and completely awesome. Then I watch for them. They don’t have to be huge, you just have to recognize them as such. I think this photo is a miracle. It was a surprise, completely unexpected one. And I recognized it as such.

Miracles go on all the time around us… IF we have the eyes to see them and the desire to seek them out.
So that’s how I’m approaching my 2014 theme. I’m dreaming BIGGER dreams… as outlandishly as I can … and I look for daily miracles. None is too small to notice and appreciate. I’m conditioning myself to wrap myself in the cloak of a miraculous life, one day at a time. And I intend to record the results with my camera and words all along the way… as part of my artistic and life signature.

Just thought I’d share.