One Saturday in Santa Cruz

I spend part of my time in Santa Cruz, California these days. It’s a little beach town that prides itself on surfing, artistic freedom, great weather and well, being Santa Cruz.

This particular day in December there was more than the usual amount of weekend revelry going on downtown. Artists, musicians, wannabe both, shoppers, sight-seers… were all out and about on this warm winter day. It was festive (OK and a little crazy) enough that I decided to bring my Google Glass out to record the goings-on and take y’all with me!

I started downtown with street performers and artists… then headed out to the wharf where the sea lions were putting on their own show… then (as I always am) I was drawn to the sight and sounds of outside salsa dancing going on at a little Cuban restaurant nearby. In all, it just felt like a fun/funny reminder to live life fully! This ain’t no dress rehearsal and there is so much to take in and enjoy!

I seem to remember my mom giving me a card with words to that effect when I was a mere a youth . Funny how – and when – you think of stuff like that. 😀