To Surf the Zuvuya

One Evening in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is known for many things. Among them, surfing, beaches, sunsets, being a little (or a lot) “out there” – and Natural Bridges, which is where this image was taken. So on this particular evening, when they all converged in one spot for this one moment, I couldn’t help but come up with a title for it all. You know how I am. 😉

So I called it “To Surf the Zuvuya”. It was because of 1. the surfer and 2. the keyhole.

To Surf the Zuvuya... Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThe icons meet... sunset, the endless circle, the surfer. Oh, and Zuvuya? Just think of it as

Harmonic Convergence, 1987

There’s a book I read in 1987 called “Surfers of the Zuvuya; Tales of  Inter-dimensional Travel”, by Jose Arguelles. I link to it only to show you the book, I’m not suggesting you read it. It was the Harmonic Convergence (anyone remember that?) and I was fascinated by the whole thing. Deliver a new age of awesomeness onto planet Earth? “Bring it!” I thought. So I read that book (and others)… and even dragged my sister down to Teotihuacan, outside of Mexico City in August, 1987 for the big day. It was quite an amazing sight… the temples of the Sun and Moon covered in people wearing white robes, chanting and doing whatever it is hoards of people in white robes do. We hung out at the less populated Temple of Quetzalcoatl and observed the whole thing. I even left a couple of crystals there and did my version of prayer for a higher light planet.

The Zuvuya…?

The Zuvuya is a Mayan term for what they thought of as a big “inter-dimensional thread” that connects to past to future and all dimensions. Kind of like “The Force” in Star Wars. Journeying along this inter-dimenionsional thread was called “surfing the Zuvuya.” In Sufi tradition, it’s called “riding the Shabda”. In both cases, they considered it to be a form of  soul travel, using the powers of light and sound to travel to the seat of the “great central Sun”, which they felt was the heart of Creation itself. I’m betting they’re not the only traditions with a belief like this.

The Mayans got WAY more complex about it all, but that’s the simple version. Symbolically,  it’s best represented by a circle – albeit, an inter-dimensional one.

In Santa Cruz, if you went around talking about such things, people would just nod and accept it as the norm.

Meanwhile, Back At the Photo…

All of this took WAY longer to explain than it did to have it all flash through my mind at the moment I pressed the shutter release.

Surfer… endless circle… the great sun… you get my drift. I giggled as my own past, present, future and life converged into a single image for a single moment.
And oh yeah… welcome to my world! 😀