New York and the Meaning of Helmet

New York City!!

I’m off to New York City today!!
I’m so excited about it, I’m positively “HELMET!” Oh.. have I not explained that to you yet? Well… time for some K-Hutt lore.

Helmet Head Calistoga, CaliforniaThe origins of 'helmet head' go way back... but the resulting hair is timeless. at Castello di Amorosa, Calistoga, California

Helmet Lore

Many years ago, in a land far, far.. OK, not that far away.
But it was when I was still pretty newly living in the Tahoe region.
A small group of my most awesome BFF’s were slated to come up to my mountain home for a visit… and to go skiing/snowboarding. I skied, they boarded.
This was their first visit. I wanted everything to be purrrrfect!

I was so excited.
No, BEYOND excited! I can go to a place of excitement even dogs can’t hear, given the right circumstances… and this was one of them.

They arrived. I was practically leaping with joy and eager to get them whatever they wanted. Food? Here!! More blankets? DONE! Music?? ON!!

Now you get to picture it: I was wearing powder blue microfleece p’s. The importance of this will come clear in a minute.
Two of us danced to a Madonna song on MTV, matching her steps in a rather choreographically challenged manner, causing the other of the two to collapse with laughter.
They asked me what kind of skier I was. I said “black diamond.” They asked if I wore a helmet. I said yes. They wanted to see it. I put it on.

Right.. so now that’s: microfleece PJ’s, puffy slipper, ski helmet. Check.

Next: one says she’s going to lie on the floor to watch TV. I say: NO! I have just the thing… and run to get the super comfy purple foam futon. It’s the kind that tri-folds and that you can carry, although it’s awkward.

The friends can’t stop laughing, because I’m like a hyperactive puppy at this point.
Then I appear: microfleece PJ’s, puffy slippers, ski helmet, big purple futon – and my head cocked to the side, because the thing is so unwieldy to carry.

A photo is taken and..

A brand new term is coined for the level of excitement in which one should really wear head protection for everyone’s safety: Helmet.

To be forevermore recorded and spoken in the spirit of pure elevation of spirit.

And now… 

I leave for New York today and…


And now you know what that truly means. Wheeeeeeee!!!


PS… I was graciously given permission to take this photo at Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, CA. Thank you!!