The Chat with Karen Hutton: Frederick Van Johnson

Thank Goodness for Re-Do’s

The first time we tried doing a Chat last December, Frederick Van Johnson and I were in a mood. A silly mood. A silly, goofy, kid-like  mood that resulted in recording an entire episode that I actually had to scrap! That’s what happens when Frederick and I get together sometimes, er, a lot of the time! Got friends like that? Where anytime you hangout all hell-arity breaks loose? Hahahah, it’s funny and I love it. But it didn’t do the right job of presenting the absolutely amazing Frederick Van Johnson.

Today’s episode does!

Frederick, Magic & Big, Big News!

You may follow Frederick on TWIP, his phenomenally successful web show about all things photography, for which he is Executive Producer and Host. Maybe you know his photography work, his photography marketing business Mediabytes, his Public Speaking, his work as a photography and marketing coach, his interviews and videos with the people who are shaking up the photography world, the fact that was decorated many times for his photography in the field whilst in the U.S. Air Force… or the fact that he’s newly the Vice Chairman of the Board for the Brooks Institute Board of Trustees. Hey – you might be the kind of Frederick Van Johnson fan who knows all those things! I wouldn’t blame you a bit, either!

But I’d almost bet money you’ll learn some things you DIDN’T know about Frederick Van Johnson! Magic, anyone?

I couldn’t be more excited to present Frederick Van Johnson… unplugged, at his kitchen table, just chattin’ about life, business and his BIG plans for TWIP!!
Mmm-hmm, that’s right – Frederick chose The Chat to announce some REALLY big news!! WoooHoooo!!

Awesomeness for you… coming right up!