The Mighty Ferris

Ferris, But Not Bueller

The Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry is short ride… but a gorrrrgeous one, if taken around sunset! The view that Laurie Rubin and I had on the final leg of our journey back to Seattle from the Olympic Peninsula made me feel like we were living some fanciful segment in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”! Just so outside of my norm, anyway… like the most fabulous day off, ever.

The Mighty Ferris Seattle, WashingtonThe view was stunningand the wheel kept turning.

Returning from an Incredible, Purpose-Driven Week

I admit it – I was glad it felt like one final hurrah. It was the end of our “The Great, Epic, Awesome Washington Adventure”. The name started at “Great”.. but as the week progressed it became also Epic and Awesome!

We’d wanted to do this trip for quite awhile. Laurie’s dad lives in Washington, so she knows the Olympic Peninsula pretty well. I’d never been… but had been pining to! Since she’s getting ready to move… we wanted this trip to be one that wound up one life chapter, and kicked off another for her. On my side… I wanted to get fresh eyes on just about everything!

We also conceived of it as a content creation extravaganza! Photos, videos (both educational and fun, silly ones), travel notes – and I recorded an episode of The Chat with Art Wolfe at his home!! I haven’t announced that on social streams yet, just to yous guys here on my blog. It. Was. Friggin’. AMAZING!! You’re going to love that one. I’m a few episodes out on The Chat – but I figure it’ll air this summer.

Anyway, not only was the trip SO much fun… it was the birth of a new artistic project for me, some super fun brainstormed ideas for the two of us… and a fantastic view from “outside the bubble” of a workaday world that sometimes feels like it runs me, rather than the other way around.

Stepping “Outside The Bubble”

I think you have to get outside of that bubble from time to time to see what’s really important. From inside, EVERYTHING can seem vital. From outside… it’s really pretty simple. Now I get to see if I get my simple(r) on… and make this next chapter more fun, productive and expansive than I ever dreamed! And not just for me… but for anyone and everyone who wants to join in!

SO much more to come!