Art, Meet Life

Using Art to Make Art? Generally, Not a Fan.

I not a huge fan of making art using someone else’s art. It’s not a moral judgement or anything, it’s just that any artist puts their own blood, sweat and tears into their work… and it’s theirs, not mine.

By the exact same token, there are moments like this one. Where the person’s work is so strong it makes a statement above and beyond the piece itself. Those are moments that simply must be shared! Especially when they’ve signed their name on the work. In that case,  you get to Google Tristan Eaton, discover this amazing artist and all that he has accomplished at such a young age… then share him AND your moment with your friends.

Meet Tristan Eaton. Also meet my own vision of what art next to life sometimes looks like  in his gorgeous mural of Audrey Hepburn gave me this day at the corner of Mulberry and Broome streets in Greenwich Village, New York. It took 12 days, 500 cans of spray paint and 4 people working 12 hour days to finish the ginormous, 8,000 square foot piece.
Here’s an article about it, from when it was created last year.