Get Creative with Analog Efex Pro 2!

I Love Re-Imagining…

You know what I love?

Ok, I’ll tell ya.

It’s that feeling I get when I manage to re-imagine my own view of the world in my art. Of course, that’s always easier said that done!

Take photo processing for instance.
Personally, I have a set of colors, tones, textures and overall feeling I love to create in my photos. It’s all good – and is part of a “signature” that has evolved and defined itself over time. It’ll probably re-define itself many more times too!

Seeing Things Differently is Good

But sometimes, I’d like to expand my view. Get out of my same-old, same-old. See differently. Try some new tools.

Enter Analog Efex Pro2 by The Nik Collection… a creative kick in the pants if I ever saw one! (and no, I do not get any payment or kickback for saying that.)

I think I’ll always be the sort of artist who likes to use a combination of tools, effects, plugins, what have you. That’s just me.
What a plugin like Analog Efex 2 does for me is to ignite new directions and surprising twists on HOW that combination comes together.
When I use it, I get to play, try stuff, surprise myself… it’s like creative doodling, but with digital processing. While I don’t use it on everything… the photos that do venture into Analog Efex Pro 2 always end up inspiring me to “think different”.  I like the creative control it offers; I love the finished results it produces.

My creative Muse loves that… and so do I!