Setting Sail from New York

It’s Time to Go

I voyage home today.
And I will be back.

New York has been amazing. No, make that beyond amazing.
Friends… family… new Chat episodes… food… scenes from all over the city… photography… sigh.
I covered SO much territory on foot that I’m in better shape now than when I arrived 2 weeks ago!
There was the day I did 26,000 steps. My UP band said that’s 17 miles. Then again, I haven’t calibrated it so I doubt it’s being accurate.

There was music. My stepson, Caleb Dolister is a drummer. So we went to some of his music gigs in places we’d never have seen otherwise. Like the spot in Queens where I captured this awesome moment. He said “There’s a cool view of the Manhattan Skyline at the end of that street. It only takes a few minutes to get there, want to see it?” And he took us to the most breathtaking spot, where that skyline showed off like a star in the heavens. (I’ll share the panorama I took of it very soon!)

We saw K.J. Denhert at the 55 Bar in the West Village. If you like outrageously awesome jazz singer/musicians… go see her some Saturday night! My husband Joe is a lifelong jazz bass player. Suffice it to say, he was over the moon with her band… and the entire music scene here.

There was so, SO much more! But now… I’ll be on my way to the airport in a little over an hour. Home late tonight. However, the memories of this trip will stay with me forever.

More awesome photos and stories to come!

Waiting... Yearning...For the chance to set sail toward adventures unknown. Till then...Waiting.Yearning.


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