The Limelight

White Peacocks.. What the Whuuut?

His name is Phil.
He lives at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City.
He was dubbed thus after Phillip Foote, the former head of The Cathedral School.
Phil made my day.

Sometimes the radiance of your own beingis all the limelight you need.Taken at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City. His name is Phil.

We stayed at a friend’s place not far from Saint John’s whilst in New York. I kept hearing peacocks calling out at all hours of the day and night… and I got curious.
NOTE: I do a pretty mean peacock call myself, so I was eager to meet with an expert. 😀

Wanted: A Mate

I’d been told by my friend that there was a white peacock at the church; and that he was known for his raucous calls and open tail feather displays.
Her interoperation: he was lookin’ for a missus he wasn’t shy about it!
Oh my. How could I resist??

The Cathedral itself is stunning, truly just amazing. I have loads of photos and stories from there and will most certainly be sharing them and their stories.
But Phil and his technicolor buddy Jim were the subject of one entire visit.

Sure enough… Phil was there in the parking lot, in full display, eyeing passers by with the look of looooove. He wasn’t shy, either. Clearly both birds have been lovingly looked after, so they had no fear of people. (I loved that all by itself!) Which allowed me to get down to his level and up close and personal for this moment. What a handsome, unique fellow. I wished I’d had a lovely Ms. Phil to offer him… he certainly earned it for all the work he put in!

Then There’s Jim

Tomorrow… meet Jim. Phil’s technicolor counterpart. He had a different approach, all his own.