The Wonder of Waterfalls

The Thing About Waterfalls

You get soaking wet, unless you wear rain gear.
Your ears ring after awhile.
You REALLY don’t want to fall in!

Photographing waterfalls is exhilarating, fun, tricky as heck, full of endless possibilities!

Sol Duc Falls, Washington

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc (or Sole Duck, depending upon what sign you read… it’s perplexing!) Falls on the Olympic Peninsula is a MUST SEE if you ever go that way! My sister-friend Laurie Rubin and I did go that way a couple of week ago; WOW! What a stunning place! And I do mean both the Olympic Peninsula and Sol Duc Falls.

Options Abound!

With waterfalls, you have choices like; stop the water in the image, or expose so that the water drags and gets silky. You can even go further an make it misty if you want to. Then there’s framing; take in the entire falls, or make a zillion interesting compositions, as quickly as you spy them.
You can get above the falls, down at creek level (just don’t fall in, whatever you do… yikes!). In front of them, off to the side of them. Focus on the water, focus on the rock(s) like in this photo. Shoot HDR, shot single longer exposure. Make a video tutorial about any of the above!

Clearly you can spend hours exploring just one awesome waterfall.
Laurie and I didn’t have hours – we got there late in the day and wondered if we’d have time to photograph all the compositions we saw everywhere the minute Sol Duc came into view! But we did. We just moved as quickly and efficiently as we could before the sun went down entirely, covering Sol Duc from stem to stern like some kind of forest paparazzi!
I bet I’ve got hundreds of photos from here, with hardly a klunker among them… Sol Duc Falls is just that magnificent.

Talk about a lay-up!

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