What Do You Desire Most?

Don’t Judge the Book By It’s Maker

OK, I know this video was created by/for an insurance company.
But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s seriously awesome and makes me bawl. Every. Damn. Time.

Making a Difference and Divine Gifts

It moves me so much because it speaks of sharing a most fantastic kind of love – and what an incredible difference it makes. I want – and aim – to make a difference in the world too. I feel that I was given certain gifts in life for a reason – and I want to use them to the max, in the full spirit that they were divinely gifted to me.

That intent inspires and informs every photo that I create, every talk I give, every decision I make, every element I consider including in my business and life. Like everyone, I sometimes fall face-first into the details, the minutiae – and get wrapped up in it. When I do, I feel tense, confused, like there’s never enough time, like I’m hacking my way through a never-ending mental jungle with a mental machete in my hand… feeling mental!

And when that happens, I know I’m focusing on the wrong things. That cranky, tight, anxious, icky feeling in my body always tells me that it’s time to step back and breathe into the biggest vision of all… that of what I stand for in my life. What matters most, above all. The ONE THING that tells absolutely everything else in my life what line to get into.

A Visionary Life

For me, it’s straight from a vision I had as a kid. It’s about uplifting and transforming through Light. It was truly a Divine inspiration that never left. Now; I work with light directly in photography… I talk about it, feel it, weave ideas from it… yep, it’s about light for me. I find that when I focus on THAT, I love what I do. I love it so much it creates a literal gravitational force field for the people, answers, opportunities, actions and resources to come flowing my way, lifting me up to the next level – where I get to do more of it. Only a better, more awesome version of it.

Focus. Discipline. Action. Determination.

But you have to focus. In that “no matter what” kind of way. It takes discipline. You have to show up, take action and be determined to stay the course. You have to have your anchor points and touch points so that you remember to return to that ONE THING that informs everything else over and over again until it BECOMES The Thing. Your life. You. Passion is good… but depending on what you mean by “passion”, it may or may not be enough.

The ONE THING has to be what you live, breathe and stay alive for. It has to be the ONE THING that – when faced with death – makes you choose life. I’ve had to make that choice. Twice, in fact. So I get how powerful it is. And how it can shift “reality” into “the miraculous” like nobody’s business.


You can’t fail when love leads. I don’t mean the clingy, needy, restrictive, limited version that some people call “love”. I mean LOVE: that all-encompassing, no-holds-barred, obstacles disappear, transformative, sometimes fierce, always blessed living power and authority of the Divine. That’s the kind of Love I mean.

I see it in play often… as I did in this video about photographer Clark Little. His work certainly captures the imagination… but I honestly think his pure love for what he does contains an unadulterated purity and innocence that heralds the presence of Love. And we can’t help but watch – and dream.