The Chat "Extras": Chris MacAskill on "Adversity as Opportunity"

If you didn’t seen last week’s The Chat with my guest Chris MacAskill, I kind of envy you! Because you get to go and experience it for the first time. Lucky you!

Baldy is truly one of those people for whom a short format show like mine is NOT long enough! He’s lived more during his time here on Earth than most people pack into 3 lifetimes! And it wasn’t all warm and fuzzy.

For one thing, there was Mom. Brilliant, with a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, a Minor in English… and a schizophrenic. Loving, but an alcoholic and incapable of living a normal life, she and son Chris lived on the streets for many years. The story is painful and unsettling – and is one he doesn’t tell all that often. It takes a lot out of him to do so. In fact, he was somber for the rest of the day after shooting this segment. But he was willing to share this incredibly personal story with us for this show, for its unique ability to inspire and inform. Because the way in which Chris MacAskill re-created his adversity into huge opportunity is a lesson for us all!

I’ve seen this “Extra” several times – and I never get tired of it! It’s one that didn’t fit into the main episode… but it was important enough that I want to make it into a segment all its own…