Classical Roots & Impressionistic Leanings

Dream States and Green Smoothies

Creating content for my new website (due in Oct/Nov) has put me in a semi-dream state.

I’m not dreamy all of the time, mine you – only some of it. It’s unpredictable. Like just now, for instance. I was daydreaming about a piece I’m working on… as I poured green smoothie into my coffee mug. Mind you, I had a glass right there awaiting said smoothie… but instead I looked down and realized my coffee cup was full, glass was empty. Hmmmm.

But I’m getting used to it. For weeks on end over the summer, it was all about work on the “crunchier” side of website creation… copy, concept, organization, decisions, research and learning curves ad nauseum. The stuff that is SO necessary and definitely time-intensive, but that is about as much fun as gnawing on a rawhide bone. (Which, from time to time over the summer, I’ve actually considered doing as a stress reducer!) That was ON TOP of having over-committed earlier this year, then spending the next 6 months fulfilling on those promises. Whew! It’s been a ride, to say the least.

And now… Aaaaaaah! It’s time to create new works, experiment, dream stuff up, play. Yes, there are still emails to return, commitments to show up for and all that… but getting to finally spend time in my happy art zone is soothing my tattered nerves.


Back to Basics

One thing I’ve allowed for is a return to my roots. There was something about spending time with Art Wolfe creating his Chat that got me pointed back there again… to a deeper, more intimate kind of perspective, which was actually how all this started for me 35+ years ago.

That includes black and white, yes… but it’s also a different way of seeing the world than I find I’ve become known for. I’ve always loved design, patterns and the micro-story of things. Let’s face it, I love stories, period! But for some reason that I can’t fully explain, I stopped allowing myself to record the close up ones and the abstract ones that I’ve always found so evocative. I’d SEE them, same as always, but then move on. Lately, I’ve remedied that – and it’s like re-experiencing a flavor that you’ve craved for a really, really long time. Life does have its twists and turns, doesn’t it?

So, since I was too busy to travel much this summer… I focused on elements. The pieces that make up the whole – but that reveal a beauty and a quiet world all of their own. My, my – what fun it’s been! I can’t say where it’ll all lead me yet… but I can tell you that a quieter, more contemplative aspect to my work will definitely appear on the new website. Thought I’d share a couple of the new directions… nature’s own impressionistic paintings!

Maybe they’ll let you dream a little too… 😉