In A Monochrome Mood

Thinking in Black & White

Today dawned bright and clear.
But I digress… already! You’ll see this is a theme in today’s post…

Yesterday here in the Eastern Sierras (where the hubs and I are running around photographing the INCREDIBLE  fall colors), it was rainy… and snowy at the upper elevations (8000 feet and up). Which meant for an AMAZING sunrise!! Now I’m ahead of myself (akin to digressing).

By the time I downloaded my photos of so much grey, misty, mysterious light last night… I couldn’t help but think in monochrome.


Creating Art That Looks The Way You Feel

I was also floating. Kind of high on life and the beauty all around. Feeling a little abstract. Wait. That part’s not new. Heh.

And like any self-respecting artist (or Taylor Swift), I made a piece about it. It’s new, all soft eyes and gentle breathing. I love it! It’s simple. Clean. Relaxing.

I named it “Airy.” Which is odd, since it’s all about water.



Then there was this big, floaty storm squall that passed overhead as we drove through the mountains. It was like a big ball of floaty, all misty mysteriousness as it turned everything into a dream sequence.

I think these are fun pieces to have around when you just want to relax. Cut your brain loose from the worries of the day. Take a deep breath, let it go and just…


Wait, where was I? Ah yes, soft focus and abstracts.

No two ways about it… there’s something evocative about black and white photography. It makes your imagination wake up and start weaving tales. I honestly haven’t met an imagination that doesn’t like to do that… and monochrome photography invites it.

Speaking of invitations, I invite you to stop by here tomorrow when I’ll share some photos from this morning’s full color photo shoot under skies as crystal blue as they were stormy yesterday.