5Day Deal – Bigger Than Ever!

The 5Day Deal – BEGINS!!

Drum roll, please…. [as the crowd goes wild]

I’m setting this post to go public EXACTLY at 9am PT, 12 noon ET… because THAT’S when this fantaaaaastic event begins!!

But first, a quick confab. Some of you know what the 5Day Deal is, some of you don’t.
So that we’re all on the same playing field… here’s the rundown on the lowdown.

5Day Deal Is An Event, a Package & a Give-Back

An event… because it’s a sale that lasts for EXACTLY 5 days. Then it’s gone – POOF! And they’re not kidding about that!
A package... because all these incredible photographers & sponsors get together, throw some of their most popular tutorials, presets, textures – and sell it all as a bundle for a crazy low price.
A give-back… because 10% of every sale goes to 4 charity partners. That was the part that clinched my commitment last time. The goal is $100,000… and I bet they make it!

Basically, it’s $2000 worth of merchandise for $89, plus contribute to great causes. It’s crazy!
This is why I love bringing it to you… because it’s a freaking AWESOME deal.
I. Love. Deals. I hate paying full price for anything. And for once… mega goodness for mini outlay!!



What’s In It For You, KHutt?

What do I get out of this deal? Fair question! Especially since on this round, I don’t even have stuff IN the sale.

If you wind up making a purchase after clicking on any of my links – I receive a small portion of each sale. It ain’t much, believe me! I’m just being honest and transparent about that up front. You’re under NO obligation to buy, nor will you be nagged or judged by mean girls after visiting the site and NOT making a purchase.

But the bigger reason I’m doing it is that the last time I did this,  1. I got the biggest kick out of  watching so many people get such fabulous tools for so little money. They were SOOOO excited… and I couldn’t believe how much fun that was!  And 2.  I was shocked to learn that we’d raised $45,000 for charity.  So when the 5Day Deal gang asked if I’d like to help share with folks this time around… I said HAIL YEAH!

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole if it was a stinky deal with skanky people. Life’s WAY to short for that.

Anyway, I could blab ad nauseum about it… but why not just go find out and judge for yourself. (always preferable to BEING judged!)

5 -Day-Deal-find-out-more

That’s all I’m sayin’.

If it’s not for you… we’re cool. If it is… ENJOY!