Eastern Sierra Impressions

The Many Faces of Splendor

This week just continues to amaze. Maybe it’s just the extreme appreciation you have when you’ve been cooped up for an entire summer, hammering away behind a computer… then step out into this:

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I look closely at things, or far away… the landscape is intricately detailed and beautiful beyond measure. Problem is, “beautiful” as a word and concept just doesn’t seem to cut it. There’s just got to be be something better. Like maybe a term in the Elven tongue that, loosely translated, says: “the achingly transcendent beauty of All-That-It is a never-ending glory light that defines us and keeps us safe on our path.” Y’know, a simple word.


I posted this one on social media a couple of days ago. Of course, those posts  flit by and are gone like the wind before you know it. So I wanted it here too… where it can have some peace and permanence.

I love this image.  It will always remind of me of a most amazing morning of first snow and first light on a wee lake nestled away in the High Sierras… where Awesome is a way of life. Even the fish who live in the lake are Awesome.