The Float & The Surge

The Float

I wanted this image to be surrealistic. I think I succeeded. heh.
I had this idea about floating up above a scene… like a dream, or like that moment you leave your body at the end. It wouldn’t be a razor sharp focus moment, or be quite like your everyday vision at all. It would be… dreamy. Softer¬†focus, with colors that reflect how you feel about the world as you look down.

In my case… that’s warm. I love fall-colored trees, picnic tables, leaves on the ground, life. It’s idyllic to me. And floating above it is like some modern surrealistic movie with either a tortured youth narrating his drifty, tortured tale (think: American Beauty)… or the ending of a love story where the main character dies at the end of some horrible disease. I really dislike the latter, BTW… won’t even watch them! But I do love The Float that only seems to happen in those kinds of movies. (Exception: Beetlejuice. That had a great Float at the beginning.) As you can imagine, I don’t get to enjoy The Float as often as I like.


The Surge

So now imagine my delight when I looked down from the New Croton Dam in New York and saw a scene worthy of THE FLOAT!!
I got so excited. Shot it different ways; vertical, horizontal, arranging the picnic tables different ways.

Noodling about with the processing took longer than I expected… and it ended up bolder than I thought it would.
I always get this particular feeling in my gut when a photo falls into place. It’s kind of a lift and and surge sort of sensation. That’s when I know I’m done. So this one was a bit more… vibrant than I thought it would be when I got “the surge”.

The Surge for The Float. A fair deal, wouldn’t you say?