How Do YOU Doo?

5 Day Deal Was a Success!!

Well, THAT was a fun event! The 5 Day Deal was very, very successful! Over $160k raised for charity (I should know exactly how much in the next couple of days), thousands of happy customers… and even the servers will be happy, now that it’s over. Heh. I hear they went down a couple of times with the unexpected levels of demand. And they were beefed up from last time! Love that. Many thanks to those of you who used my code to purchase that incredible bundle of goodness… I hope you find new inspiration this winter as you work your way through all the tutorials, ebooks, presets, textures, discounts, etc! It was exciting to bring it all your way.

Moving Forward…

And now… moving on to new stuff… New York is up next, then a few days in Colorado, San Diego… then home, where I hope to stay for the holidays and rest of the year.
New website should be up in a month or less – launching a whole new KHutt era! My mind is reeling at the possibilities… frankly, some downtime will be in order just to get my brain re-organized for it all!

Before I fly tomorrow, I’m going back to a moment overlooking the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon, Utah last year… when the wonder, ancient-ness and peace of it all just washed over and filled me up with strength, beauty, inspired ideas and love. I’m going to carry that forward on behalf of all of us!

What Renews YOU?

Got a favorite place to renew? I’d love to hear it! Might take some notes, too… 😉