New York, Macphun & The Fish

Presets & Textures… Oh My!

I love new experiences. Roll them in a nice coating of fun, learning curve rich goodness and I’m hooked!
Such was my experience in creating new presets and textures for Macphun. I was delighted and honored when they asked me to do so.

I went to town on them a few months ago. I’ve certainly created and used my own textures… but not strictly for and in black and white – and never presets. What a cool thing to do! (You can create your own too, BTW… it’s yet another way to create your own unique touches.)

Since then, I’ve been using them ALOT to fine tune and get ’em dialed in. I finally like the results! And now… two are being released in their new Marketplace this week… the KHutt Urbex textures and The Dynamic Collection presets, both created for Tonality Pro. Click this link to see what they look like. Or just click on the images below.
(I put them here so you know what they’ll look like on the page.)

There are also presets and such from several other fabulous photographers – so if you like presets and textures, you MUST have a gander.

For any regular Macphun product you do decide to spring for… use the code KHUTT for 10% off your purchase. (Discount = yay!!)

However, please note that the presets and textures are not included in that discount. Sorry! But the good news is that they’re super inexpensive to begin with and you’ll barely miss it. 😀

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.45.52 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.46.03 AM

Shades of New York

I’ve been in New York for the past (crazy busy) week. I’ll be here for another one.
The first thing I did when I got here was join the awesome Rick Sammon at his home in Croton-On-Hudson for his fall color workshop. I was delighted when he invited me last spring when I was out here… and I was certainly not disappointed!

If you don’t follow Rick or know his work as a teacher, speaker, photographer, Canon Explorer of Light… then lucky you! You get to discover a fabulous, lovely and SUPER talented photographer!
Rich and his wife Susan are such an incredible team… and watching them work together was like seeing a well oiled, beautifully crafted machine fly. I adore them both.

This particular workshop stayed in Croton. Rich teaches all over the world, this is the only one he does in his own backyard. I was excited to see some east coast fall color! Upstate New York did not disappoint… and this little micro view/story was just part of it.

I’m loving seeing both the big, wide views that I’m known for… and also the close up worlds that I’ve always photographed, but never really shared much.
I call this one: “Hook, Bait, Fish”. I’ll let you figure out why. But it made me laugh… so I knew I had to capture it. I figure laughter is as good a marker of “what to photograph” as anything… maybe even one of the best.