Sometimes It Takes a Talking Shrimp

Straight From The Talking Shrimp

Sometimes I like to share things here that certainly include photography – because I always post a photo (or video) – but aren’t only about photography.

‘Cause I believe that life should include the thing we love to do – but shouldn’t ONLY be about them. I’m a huge believer in cross-training. Besides, life is large and we should live it that way.

You need to meet (through her blog) Laura Belgray. She’s a copywriter. She’s fantastic. Her website is called “The Talking Shrimp.” I worked with her on the copy for my new website. You’ll see why.

But more than that, you need to read today’s post, which she called “This Sh*t’s Hard*.

Just Show Up

Like many of us, she procrastinated. Namely, procrastinated writing her blog. Now I say “like many of us” and not “like all of us”, because hey I’m an optimist.  There could be a couple of you out there who don’t get sidetracked, distracted or otherwise go all “SQUIRREL!” in the face of your primary focus, whatever that may be. In Laura’s case though… she decided to take up the challenge to write something new every day.

I’ve loved reading them. They inspire me in so many ways… but mostly it’s been fun to watch her just show up and do her thing every. Single. Day – for the past month.

Today, she talks about the 13 things she’s learned over the past month of doing it. And I gotta tell you – it applies to ANY creative person who wants to do something with their passion or ‘Thing’, whatever it is. It’s something I’ve been talking ALOT about to my cohort in The Arcanum. Just showing up is 90% of winning the battle.

I always know a Truth when someone speaks it – because a real Truth applies no matter what. It doesn’t depend upon certain conditions, like the moon to be in just the right spot in the heavens,  in order to be true.
I found myself nodding, saying “Yep!”… and wanting to share Laura’s fun – and true – way of looking at the creative process with everyone!

So lucky you… I am! Go check out Laura Belgray. She’s totally entertaining and fun.
And let me know if you find yourself nodding, saying “Yep”… and deciding to change ANYTHING about pursuing what you love most.
Cause, y’know, I’m curious that way.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget a photograph… or should I say, a dancing Arc De Couleur! Cause that’s the mood what THIS post put me in the mood for…