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When Worlds Collide

Know what I love? (Stares out from your monitor into your eyes, expectantly)
‘Kay, I’ll tell ya.
It’s when worlds collide with a great sheBANG and explode into kaleidoscope of color and sound! (Awesomest when said mashup involves photography.)

Sometimes that actually happens in my life… like when I was asked to voice a couple of videos on the KelbyOne website. One for Lightroom – another for Design.

(Click on the image to see the video on Design)
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.52.43 PM

(Click on the image to see the video on Design)
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.53.31 PM

Being Multi-Layered is Goooood

I’ve long believed that my seemingly disparate areas of expertise (photography, writing, voice, speaking, etc.) alllll hang together as a means of telling a really great story. I mean, it’s so obvious!

I also remember that when I was doing voiceovers full time, there was this code where you NEVER let anyone know you did ANYTHING but voiceover. Which seemed really limiting and short-sighted to me since having a full, rich, multilayered life gives a full, rich, multilayered character to your voice. I mean, Duh!

But the accepted belief was that doing anything but sitting in your isolated little studio meant your attention was split – that you weren’t as dedicated as you should be – and you should never, EVER tell anyone that you are also, say, a photographer. Sigh. You can see why that entire industry’s mindset eventually just wore me out! The limitations didn’t stop there.

Now mind you, every single client, agent or producer wasn’t like that. The true artists got it. They not only got the multi-layered artist life, they lived it too! They were always the most rad people to work with – and who likewise created the most awesome projects. Unfortunately, so few true artists exist in the world. Fewer still in the voiceover world. Sigh.

So imagine my delight when my friend Kalebra Kelby (one of the most highly multi-layered creative people I know) recommended that Scott have a listen to my voice for this project.
The rest is… well, on the KelbyOne website.

When worlds collide.
The sheBANG that makes my day.