Quick Chats & Croton-On-Hudson

As I sit here with a nasty code in by doze in NYC… getting ready to travel home tomorrow… I look back and marvel at all I got to experience whilst here in NYC over 2 short weeks! OK, I’m paying the price for it now, but I’m feeling like a very lucky girl right now.

One of the marvelous peeps that I got to spend time with was Rick Sammon. First at his fall workshop in Croton-on-Hudson along with his amazing wife and partner Susan Sammon – she’s the BEST!  Then he agreed to do a Quick Chat with me at Photo Plus Expo:

This was one of the photos I took at the New Croton Dam during the workshop, which I guest instructed. Looking out across this little valley just seemed so… upstate New York. Not to mention my favorite elements: lines, journeys, the promise of a new season… it’s all right there.

So tomorrow, when I Mucinex myself up for the long journey back to California… I’m going to carry with me the light, love and inspiration of the people in my life. I can’t wait for my next chapter to start. I’ve got so many ideas and things I want to try!

What’s up for YOUR new season? I’d love to know… 😉