Happy New Year, Full of Grace

Quietness & Powerful Outcomes

It’s been quiet around here. [insert suspenseful pause] A little too quiet.
Hehheh. OK, it’s not been TOO quiet – but I’ve been taking a breath. A nice, big inhale of light-filled gratitude in thanks for the past 12 months – and of dreaming for the New Year.

It’s as if I’ve been doing one long exhale of action; responding, creating, running for most of the past year. I’m not complaining – it’s been awesome! I mean, when I think of the miracles and surprising realities that came to be in 2014, I’m stunned and a little in awe.

My 2014 statement of intent was “Invite the Miraculous”. And boy howdy, what a river of wonders that brought in! My life has shifted incredibly from where it was at this time last holiday season. The worlds that have opened up, the people I’ve met, the places I was fortunate enough to visit, the ideas, the opportunities, the marvelous & unexpected reality selections that presented themselves… my goodness! It’s what I love about statements of intent for the year. It sets awesomeness in motion!

Big Gratitude, Big Thanks

Honestly, one of those awesome realities I’m deeply grateful for is YOU. So I want to thank you. Each one of you who have joined our little band of light-lovers, thinkers, humorists, believers, embracers of art and beauty over here. I want to thank you with all my heart and wish you the very best for your blessed new year. It means so, so much that you allow me into your day. All of our time is incredibly precious – I appreciate that fact, HARD! Your invitation to travel this path with you is one that I don’t take for granted for a hot second.

And I’m already excited about 2015! So much is on tap and in the works – and I can’t wait to share it all with you! (I might even be able to bring you with me on some of it!) So I wish you…


“Let It Come…”

This season, it’s taken some quiet time to really sink inside, reflect and decide what core feeling will lead my next year forward.
And it finally presented itself: “Let it come, with Reverence and Grace.”

See, I tend to be driven. My typical stance leans toward reaching out, taking action, pushing if necessary. It’s not all bad! I mean hey, I get things done. But personally, my life works SO much better and is so much more fun when I allow God, the Universe, Light, Spirit – whatever you choose to call it – to bring life in.  Be quieter inside, more allowing, more in wonder… like standing inside a garden of Grace. Not try so hard, push so much, demand the moon of myself every single day. Allow perfect timing to happen in all things. Let things breathe, happen easier. Everything is better all the time from that place.

So that’s the graceful gesture contained within my statement of intent. To allow the miraculous to work from the inside out.

I do this every year, this coming up with the intent that I want to lead my year. It colors everything. It’s astounding to look back in 12 months and see what got set in motion from such a seemingly simple thing. Truly amazing. I like to share this, because if you’ve never tried it – you might enjoy the experiment! And I’d love to hear about it. 😀

A Final Thought… 

I’ll leave you to ring in your new year – or enjoy the first day of it (depending on where in the world you are) – with a passage from “In Love With the Mystery” by Ann Mortifee…

“Let the power come. Let ecstasy erupt.
Allow your heart to expand and overflow with adoration for the magnificent creation and for the love, wisdom, and power that birthed it all.
Rapture is needed now – rapture, reverence, and grace.”