Paris, 2015!

French Cravings

Do you ever get a craving that never goes away, no matter how much try to ignore it? It just tugs at your sleeve, clears its throat – loudly, hums a little French tune. No matter how many times you stage-whisper “Sssshhhhh!!”… it just smiles and keeps on humming.

Paris is like that for me.

I went there in 2010 for a voiceover job. I mean, how glamorous is THAT? For once, I can say it really was as cool as it sounds. It was a quick trip, not a lot of photo time… but the hubs and I made it count by staying out REEEEALLY late at night. We indulged in wine and chocolate at a romantic cafe on the Champs Elyssee at 2am one night after 8 miles of wandering – and photographing – our way through the streets of Paris. In December. At Christmas – in the City of Light.  Ahhh, the stuff legends are made of!

Understandably, I’ve wanted to return every minute since. But I’ve had Spring in mind… and wanted another Perfect Moment event. Hey, a girl can dream!

So when my friend, photographer Valerie Jardin (a native of Normandy, knows Paris like the back of her hand!) invited me to come along to her Paris street photography workshop in May, 2015, how could I say no? I mean, really… how COULD I?

You already know the answer…

Flashback: 2010

Last time I was there, I had JUST gotten my brand new Canon 5DII. Hadn’t even had time to read the instructions! I got the basics figured out in the hotel room and on the train… then the rest I just worked out on the run. It was awesome!

Here are a few fave moments from that trip. I just can’t wait to see what experiencing Paris with Valerie is going to be like! Seeing Paris through a native’s eyes? Sign me up! I’m also working out doing some Virtual Photo Walks while I’m there – so I can bring people along for the adventure in REAL time! 😀

Starting with a simple little neighborhood market:

The Gucci store window on the Champs Elysee, Christmas, 2010:

Standing in the old courtyard of the Louvre, looking out at the new section.
It was 10pm, closing time… and the security guard waited patiently while I finished my long exposure shot, then locked up behind us. Le sigh!