Sneak Peak: VIDA

It Begins

2015 is already starting well…

1. I don’t have the flu. (appreciating health BIG time right now!)
2. I made a pledge to only move with opportunities that feel like “Aaahhhh…” on the inside. Such as…
3. I’m partnering as an artist with VIDA to create some awesomeness.

You’re the very first to know! Here’s their story:

Art, Fashion… meet Globally Conscious Commerce

When I was approached to partner up with the company, it didn’t take long to voice a resounding “YES!” There my have been a fist pump or two involved. Heh.

Whuuuut? Combine my art with fashion and business AND help build literacy programs? Sign me up! VIDA is still in startup… but it’s doing incredibly well and has been written up all over the place;, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Women’s Wear Daily, Google Ventures and on and on.

Umaimah Mendhro (CEO/founder) is an absolute peach and an inspiration unto herself. She grew up in a small village in Pakistan with two big dreams: go to Harvard and be an artist. (Always remember: DREAM BIG!) She graduated Harvard with a business degree specializing in computer science and technology, landing first at Microsoft. And now… she’s launching her commerce + artist platform. Oh – and VIDA was hand-picked to be one of the exclusive vendors at the Golden Globes in Hollywood, where celebrities and stylists Oooh’d, Aaahh’d and walked away with some VIDA fabulousness draped upon their famous selves.

But beyond the glitz and glitter… this company manufactures in Pakistan and India. The best artisans are there, for one thing: VIDA provides livable wages, plus offers three-month literacy and math programs so that families can thrive and dream dreams that CAN come true!

Dreamy Dreams

Partnering with Umaimah and VIDA is one of my own dreams come true! My biggest joy is when my art, business and doing good in the world can all work together in perfect harmony and graceful arm gestures. The notion of doing that every day makes fireworks go off in my heart and soul!!

So, I just sent off their first-round pick of images for the Spring line. They launched in the fall with monochrome… but for Spring, I’m one of a few artists tapped to bring some living color to the collection. I’m ridiculously excited! I wanted you guys to be the first to know. I think this is going to be a super fun journey – and I can’t wait to bring y’all along with me!

You know I’ll keep you posted. [Big, happy grin.]

Oh… and here are a couple of the designs (images) being considered: (wait till you see how they appear on garments… so different than I imagined!)