In An Abstract Mood

Criss-Cross Connections

I felt abstract today. Deeply layered, multi-colored, lively, but… abstract. Lots of crisses and crosses and bright light connections in my thoughts-a-plenty.

So I figured I’d just go with it and make a new piece from that place. I did it with my new Sony A7ii. Did I mention I finally sprung for a Sony to replace my NEX-7? Yup. Went for the fancy little dbl-ii. We can chat more about that, once I’ve had it more than 5 minutes. Mind you, I’ve only got the old lenses I used on my NEX-7 for now; Sony’s 10-18, 18-55 and 55-210. But that’s OK for the moment, while I figure out what I REALLY want to do with my camera situation. That’s a WHOLE other conversation; and a topic that contributed to my abstract-i-mood today.

Anyway, I strained my hip (it’ll recover, no biggie), so while I’m taking it easy I took my new little camera out to find some textures and light and lines while I thought about things. I like to do that, mediate through my camera. It’s fun to see what comes from through!

This was created from 4 or 5 different images… including the brushed stainless steel doors of the elevator that I rode up on my way back to the apartment.


Deep In The Abstractium

I don’t think feeling abstract is bad. Not at all! I find my mind works stuff out at the oddest times. Do you find that to be true? And if I don’t roll with it, then everything I’m trying to do takes 3x as long and isn’t nearly as much fun. Nor as good.

So today was that day to just roll with the workings of Abstractium.
Which is what I named the gallery this image lives in now, because it my pet name for the “science lab of a creative mind”.
Which is what my mind feels like when it gets busy figuring out stuff and churning out new ideas; a science lab.

I mention all of this because, well, it happened.
And it made me wonder if y’all have visited YOUR Abstractium lately… and what it’s like for you?

Power place or annoyance? Just curious.