The Sony Marriage Is Off

The (Not Switching to) Sony Update

Well then. When last we spoke, I was doing it. Moving from Canon. Going to Sony. Had it all figured out.

Now: I don’t have it all figured out at all – and I’m NOT switching to Sony. Dealing with the surprise of my own conclusion, after a test run with the A7ii, 24-70 and 70-200.
Instead, I’m digging in. Debunking mis-information. Embarking on a mission to find out what’s REALLY going to float my boat. Trying Fuji and Panasonic. Learning some science.

This is going to be a VERRRRRY interesting journey. I’m planning to blog about the whole thing as I work my way through this. Because if I find this whole camera selection challenging – there must be a few of you who do too! And I don’t think some of the right questions are being asked.

So here we go. Canon to mirrorless, but how? Who? Why? Which? What? That’s what I’m going to work out, starting now. Are you in? I am!

In the meantime, enjoy some iPhone 6+ photos.
I took these the other day when I was boycotting cameras. I was SO over this whole thing. I was bummed, disappointed, annoyed… and just wanted to take pictures.

So I took my mobile phone out and frankly, had a blast.
(Santa Cruz, California)

Stay tuned… 😉