Live, Uncut & Photo Hosting

Live And Uncut

There’s a wonderful street photographer and super awesome fella named Paul Griffiths who does a webshow call “Live and Uncut”. In it, he talks about street photography, cameras (he’s a Fuji guy) and, y’know, all things photography. He interviewed me before I went to France, since I was going through my whole DSLR to mirrorless drama and testing period… and had just landed upon Fuji. You can see that first episode here.

When I got back, Paul wanted to follow up. See what shooting street was like for this landscape girl… see how Fuji had been for me… and generally welcome me back. I always love talking to Paul over in London and this was no exception! You can check out the blog post here… and below is our fun video interview.

Fun fact: He got that Fuji banner in the background of his studio JUST for this episode! Heehee.

Thanks Paul!!

And then…

Where Do I Host My Photos?

Lately alot of folks have been asking about where I host my photos. I don’t know why – but it’s been a topic of late. Does everyone want to build a site in the summer? There’s probably no real answer to that, but I’m happy to share the where – and a deal!

I host my photography at SmugMug… where my images look more awesome than anywhere online, IMO.  (See them here.)

I love the interface… both for my clients/collectors as well as for me working behind-the-scenes. I like clean, elegant and simple – and it is. Over the past year, they’ve implemented a new system and done lots of up updates to it – and it’s fabulous to work with. So’s customer support.

This wave of questions comes at the perfect time.  Because just as I was getting ready to write my answer, I found out they’re having a sale! I love sales – and love to share them! Themed for 4th of July… it’s only good from July 1-7.

Use This Link for a Discount

Click right here and get 17.76% off YOUR fabulous new photo website through July 7th! It only works when you use that link though… and yes, I do make a little bit if you do sign up. That’s just full disclosure – not pressure!

Just remember:

1. I host my work at SmugMug.
2. They’re having a sale!
3. Use this link for 17.76% off any SmugMug Package through July 7, 2015.