New is the New NEW!

I Loves Me Some NEW!

I just finished some changes around here and feel downright ebullient about it!

Hey, I coulda said “zippy”, but that sounded weird. I chose “ebullient” because it means: “overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement.” Bingo! That’s what I feel right now, because I just revamped the photography section of my website.

“Why is this such a big deal?” I hear you wonder.
Honey, if you knew what it’s like for me to organize or build ANYTHING… you’d get why I feel like I just remodeled the kitchen!

I celebrate these little things, because I know this for sure: big things are made of interconnected little things. And the little things are like wee mini Tinker Belles; if you want ’em to stick around and multiply, they need love and applause!

So here, let me show you some of the new appliances…

Simpler Menu

I trimmed ‘n honed the main menu, because frankly it was driving ME bonkers with all the choices! So now… under “Online Prints” (which handily, you can order directly online and have them delivered to your door) you get what I lovingly call “The Imaginarium of Galleries”. This is the quickest, least expensive way to order prints. Prices are right there, you click “Buy Now” and you’re lead through the super simple purchase process.

From Online Prints… You can choose “The Landscapes“, “Civilizations“, “Floras and Faunas“, “The Artful” and “The Monochromes“.

The Landscapes

I don’t see landscapes as mere “scapes ‘o land”. Mais non! I experience them as moods, as emotions… as grand brushstrokes of creation in sweeping colors, textures, sounds and smells. So that you (and I!) can bask in our favorites, I rounded up into Forests, Waters, Deserts, Mountains, my home area of Truckee & Lake Tahoe… and Sunsets, which are like a celebration all their own!

From The Mountains:

From “Sunsets Aglow“:
Cairns are made so that you can find your way, even when all other trails fail. it's handy when they're lit up too.

From “Lake Tahoe & Truckee“:
Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.Bonsai in the rock, reaching for the light.Does it GET any more metaphoric than that??


Touched by human hands; the cities, the settled.

New from Paris and France!

Still so many to process, yet a few of my newest faves await you here!

Scenes from San Francisco:
Iterations of Italy:
Oh, the things I could do with a set a wings, a pedestal and good lighting!
Simply Street Photography:

The Artful

Two galleries live here: “Abstractium” and “The Texturarium”.
Abstractium is a word I made up to mean “a world of the Abstract”. Like this:

Whereas “The Texturarium” is a world re-defined by textures…
In that dreamy way of memories, her recollection of those days was like a painting on the wall of her grandmother's house. The story about it had been vague, as if no one either remembered or was telling. She had once spent hours gazing into the simple scene, at one point feeling like its hidden truth were about to burst into her mind. When that didn't happen, she moved on, the tantalizing possibilities always tugging at her.

The Monochromes

Some folks used “Monochrome” and “Black and White” interchangeably. I like Monochrome… because it doesn’t limit us to only shades of grey. Monochrome could be that… or brown tones (Sepia), ruby tones (Albumen), blue tones (Selenium) and several other varietals.  Even split-toned finished slip by under Monochrome, so I like to include them all here. 😉

From: “The Monochromes“:
Swaying to the music, they moved as one. Slowly at first, then gaining momentum. Swirling, rounding, dipping...Eyes locked. Bodies pressed.Beads of perspiration the steamy testament of wordless passion...before swaying once more, slowly, as one.

Fine Art Collection

Home of Custom Fine Art Prints.
Images in this department are best suited to custom treatment. Many are panoramas. Some beg for frames, others yearn for unique materials. If you find something you love and simply MUST have… contact me for pricing, options, materials information and to get the ball rolling.

Right now, you’ll see new pano images from Lake Tahoe and France, like this 7-image pano from Lake Tahoe on one of our recent boomin’ sunset evenings:

And this 9-shot pano (handheld, no tripod!) of Paris from the top of the Sacre-Couer in Montmartre:
The top of The Sacre Couer, Montmartre, Paris. No tripods allowed. So, how to convey the breathtaking awesomeness of Paris spilling out at your feet from this spot? Just say to yourself

Or this new panorama from a blue hour evening in Honfleur, Normandy:
Honfleur, FranceAfter a long day of rain, the cobbles washed clean, the colors popping... Honfleur Harbor comes alive in a whole new way.

Mostly I’m thrilled with this newly reorganized photo world of mine because I want it to be easy to luxuriate. Be inspired. Wander around in the world of your choice without having to worry about tripping over the furniture. I hope I succeeded! Because whether you’re one of my collectors or are just passing through… I want you to have a wonderful time here. 😀

Coming Up…

A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Oh yes indeed… you’re gonna LOVE this one! Today was a warm-up, a precurser, a taste test.

What’s coming soon is MUCH bigger. Trust me, it gon’be FUNNNN!!. 😀

And Remember:

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