Creation Wars: “The Karen Hutton Special!” (I’m quoting here)

It’s always fun and, let’s be honest, a little weird to be the special guest on a show. I mean, 99% of the time I’m focused whatever I’m creating next. So when someone asks me to talk about what I know, I sometimes get a little self-conscious.

But it is fun to share – I think that’s a human thing. So I figured what the heck – and joined awesome hosts Tanya Wallis and Stu Davidson on  Creation Wars last week. And ya know what? It’s was fun and I didn’t feel too weird!

CW is the official online show of Trey Ratcliff’s The Arcanum, where they talk about all kinds of photography-related learning. With me, it was kind of topic-palooza; from the creative process, to critiques,  to what I always have in my camera bag.

I put the show notes just below the video, with what was said and where – just in case you want to skip around and hear only what interests you. 😉


Da Highlights:

7:13… Question:
“I have heard you say that you think it is important for a photographer to have their own piece of real estate that they can use to try to market themselves or bring extra attention to their efforts. It appears to me that your piece of real estate is your website, and I honestly think that it is one of the best-looking photography websites on the web. How important is it to you to keep it maintained and up-to-date, and do you have any tips for people who want to improve the quality of their site while also gaining more viewers?”

(I somehow managed to work a true story about a monkey in there too.)

15:35… Question:
I’m on the hunt for an online sales channel and would like your perspective, thanks!

18:25… Question:
“Do you find that people go to your website and buy existing work… or do you take on assignments knowing it’ll create a custom print job at the end?”

28:14… We showed some of my recent work from my website

30:25… Question:
“Is there anything you can recommend to people about finding their own style?”

33:08… Peter Giordano, CEO of The Arcanum crashes the party!

35:55… We get into an interesting discussion about critiques and critiquing… and how that space needs to be handled in a particular way. I draw parallels between that and horse training, which isn’t as far-fetched as you might think!

Then we talked about teaching… something near and dear to my heart!

47:02… Question:
“Can you talk a little bit about that variety and diversity you engineered when you chose your cohort?”
(some of you may remember that I was one of the Inception Masters in The Arcanum.)

53:30… Pete Giordano leaves the hangout.

53:35… Question:
“I was wondering if you have any overall plan of how you will apply colour to an image before you start to process it.”

57:45 and 1:00:15… I talk about how I use our textures from “The Inspirarium” to create hues and shifts of light.

1:00:55… We talk about my being a Fuji partner, the blog, newsletters and how all that works.

1:04:10… I show my Really Right Stuff Pano Head and gimbal, explaining a little about how it works. Then show one thing I always have in my camera bag.

Small talk and chit-chat ensues, then we’re outta there!


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