On Getting… and Giving Back. The Only Way to Roll.

Let’s stop the presses for sec. Down a chill pill. Take a breath.

With so much giddy goodness going on around here lately… giveaways, contests, partnerships, free stuff… it can start feeling like a carnival ride.

Don’t get me wrong. I loooves me a good carnival ride. I dragged my dad onto them every single birthday I could growing up! [he was a saint! And never once threw up afterwards, which made me admire him all the more.] But at some point I like to get off, stand still for a minute and have a corn dog.

OK, you don’t have to have a corn dog with me, but you get my drift.


I like to stop and remember the “Why” of it all. Check my inner compass. Feel my own pulse. Of course, that’s a WAY deeper topic than I’ll get into right now. So how about… Why participate in giveaways and contests and all that rigamarole? ‘Cause sometimes I really do feel like a carnival barker!

See, I’ve been blessed. Big time. In sooo many miraculous ways.
Whenever I’ve asked my finest mentors along the way how I could ever repay them… they’d always say “Pass it on.” I took that to heart.

I figure any opportunity I have to do that is legit. Right now it’s in the form of giving you a chance to win stuff, share the bounty, share ideas, inspirations. Opportunities for these things come and go. Sometimes they happen all at once in a cluster… kind of like the county fair coming to town, going crazy for 2 weeks only. Popcorn! Corn dogs! Candy apples! Ferris wheels… big dippers… music festivals.

Yeah. That’s going on here right now. [takes a bite of her corn dog.]

Next Up: 5DayDeal

We’ve got a few days to go on our caption contest here. That ends Sept. 1. Next up: the 5DayDeal $50k Giveaway, which ends on Sept. 10 – followed by the actual 5DayDeal which goes till Sept. 15. Scroll to the bottom of this page and see what they’re giving away. It’ll blow your mind.

So there y’go… a chance to win MORE free stuff. How awesome is THAT? For good measure, I threw in a $350 coupon for a print. 😉
(The $50K giveaway is new, they only added it this year.)

But here’s the thing. Some of these giveaway/super deal opportunities mean even more than we can imagine for some people. That’s one of the things I love about working with the 5DayDeal team… they’re seriously serious about giving back. Last year it was $200,000+ to 4 charities they chose to contribute to… this year they’re aiming for $300k. And they actually DO it… follow through, I mean. I know them personally. They make sure the money gets where it’s supposed to go.

I wanted to share this year’s lineup with you. (Yes, that’s me doing the voiceover. 😉 I love it when worlds collide.)

[finishes her corn dog. Drops the wrapper into the trash. Eyes the ferris wheel]

So, thanks for letting me muse for a minute. I wanted you to know that I’m not turning into some commercial 3 ring circus. It’s just county fair season… and I have a chance to hook you up to some cool stuff, which I’m all over. Then that season will pass and we’ll be into another, whatever it turns out to be. 😀

I’m working on ALOT behind the scenes right now. Some groovy coolness will surface relatively soon… some of it will appear later. One thing’s for sure… it won’t be boring around here!