It’s Elemental, My Dear

I love celebrating awesomeness, whether it’s something that happened for me – or a friend!

My good friend and incredible artist Keoki Flagg is a fine art and adventure photographer. He has a gorgeous gallery in Squaw Valley, California… if you ever get there, you MUST stop by and say that I sent you!

He most recent creation is a book called “Elemental“.

The other day, I went over to congratulate him on this huge accomplishment and buy the book, since it’s DEFINITELY one I want in my “inspiration” library.

Seriously, I was so excited about this you’d think I’d written the thing myself! I’ll tell you one thing; I truly believe that the more we focus upon the kinds of events and things in life that feel good, the more goodness gets created all the way around. This success of Keoki’s makes me feel AMAZING… I’m so happy for him, proud of his accomplishment and I’m celebrating!

Here’s the book… along with me and Keoki, standing in between a couple of my fave images of his.


Then he wrote an awesome dedication in it for me. It says:

“To Karen:
Life is an Adventure, the World is our Stage.
What a pleasure it has been to share this journey with you. 

Live, Love, Laugh, Play… Every Day

Aloha, Keoki”



Some of you may remember my introducing you to Keoki via The Chat, my online show (on hiatus now), wherein I chatted with creatives who “live life as an artist… or better yet, live their lives as if it IS their art.” It’s a notion near and dear to my heart.

I thought you might enjoy visiting or re-visiting them. Heck… you might just be inspired!

This was the main episode: 

And this short segment (it’s only about a minute) is about Art and Finding Original Perspective… something I thought was important enough to create as a stand-alone reminder!