Karen on TWiP! PLUS… Europe!

Europe, Here I Come

Just a shade over a week to go before I leave for Rome! But that’s only the FIRST stop. Lots going on behind the scenes right now, but I’m allllllmost ready to start talking about and sharing it all. In fact, I’ll probably have something for ya in a couple of days!

I’m one of these people who likes to get her ducks in a row. I’m SO visual, everything needs to be mapped in my head just so – else it all looks like confetti in a windstorm and I don’t know WHAT the heck I’m doing.  What with the photography, video, writing and podcast recording (YES!!) I’ll be doing while I’m gone… the mind-map needs to be solid enough to never break… yet flexible enough to adapt to anything.

I’m almost there. 😀

Teaser alert: I’ll be taking a new (to me) camera and lens with me! The Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XF 50-140mm lens with 1.4x teleconverter. SWEEEET!! The lens gets here today… the camera will be along shortly.


In the meantime, I sat down with my good friend Frederick Van Johnson of This Week In Photo: TWiP Talks for a chat about a few things. It’s only a shade over 30 minutes long… but in case you’re super busy or just really jacked up on caffeine, here are the highlights:

  • 3:11… we talk about VIDA and what it’s like having my own clothing line
  • 5:08… my switch to mirrorless in general and Fujifilm in particular. Frederick tells the story of the day that changed everything! (He was with me on the say that changed the game for me.)
  • 7:25… “Why Fuji” Frederick asks what made me choose this particular system. Hint: it wasn’t done lightly! It leads into a conversation about…
  • 9:25… The question you should ask yourself FIRST, before diving into “What camera should I get?”
  • 14:33… Frederick asks if I hung onto my Canon gear after diving into Fujifilm gear. Then we talk a bunch more about what I find so fab about Fujifilm.
  • 19:00… We talk about my upcoming “Artist’s Voice” retreat at Julia Child’s house in Provence, coming up May 5-8.
  • 20:19… Why a retreat? I explain my philosophy and how working from the “inside out” creates unique results in photography – and in life
  • 23:40… We talk pricing for the retreat… and I reveal a special HUGE DISCOUNT and special bonus offer for TWiP viewers only!
  • 31:48… I talk a bit about my new eBook and how it’s the first installment in a series about “finding your voice” in photography and beyond.
  • 32:56… final wrap up and finito!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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