Postcards From Rome

I bet you wondered if I’d EVER spill what the heck has been going on behind-the-scenes over here!

New Horizons

I’m getting ready to embark upon a project that I believe in with all my heart and soul. It’s taken a ton of preparation (in some ways, my whole life!).  At its core, it’s a story. A soul’s journey. And it’s all about finding our voice and embracing life itself as if it were our art. I believe this is what we were all meant to do. I believe it’s our birthright to do so. But it’s not alway so easy to pull off on Planet Earth, is it? Believe me, I know.

Postcards From Rome

I’m doing a project with one of my besties, professional photographer Valerie Jardin and Fujifilm. We’re calling it “Postcards from Rome”, which will be interwoven with her upcoming Rome Street Photography Workshop. We’re about to tell you more about it in the video below!

The cliff notes: It started with a conversation and a vision. Against all odds, here we were, a couple of pro women photographers, best friends, living  this amazing life that was once just an impossible dream to us, but somehow came embedded with a notion of could be. We talked about what it had taken… the gut-wrenching challenges, the heart-soaring wins, what we’ve learned along the way and continue to learn and grow from!

It became the basis for a project idea; one that could inspire others to try for their dreams. Then we shared it with Fujifilm. They got it! They saw what we saw, the need to inspire and to help light a fire in the world. How we could reach so many women (and men too) around the world with a message of “reach for your dreams” through imagery, video and words. They wanted to be a part of it; and got behind the project! This is how my journey to Rome came about. But it won’t stop there… read on after the video!

Postcards From an Artist

After Rome, I’ll be on the road for almost 2 months! During that time, I’ll be giving a retreat at Julia Child’s house in May, visiting castles in Germany, the mountains of Switzerland, medieval villages in the countryside of France, seeing the French Riviera for the first time.

It’s been part a lifelong dream of mind to do this… and I’m finally allowing myself to live it.

I’m calling this part of the journey “Postcards from an Artist” and I’ll be sharing it with you all along the way in photographs, video, audio, written word. I’ll share my thoughts, the sights, the ups and downs. At the end of it all… I hope you’ll be inspired to consider your fondest dreams and deepest desires as a potential reality for you.

[Have you heard of Danielle LaPorte and The Desire Map? You should check it out…]

The thing is, I believe we ALL deserve to live the life of our dreams. Your dreams may include doing what I’m about to embark upon – or it may be something completely different. Either way, I hope that through all I’ve got planned over the next couple of months, you might have fun following along the way, some laughs, and maybe even find the inspiration, courage, the sense of humor and grit to at least CONSIDER what your heart, soul and every fiber of your being wants you to be and do. No matter how daft it sounds to your logical mind.

It took me a long, long time to really, truly listen to my deepest desires. It was scary. Which is weird. How can you be scared of yourself and what you desire most? Well.. maybe it won’t take you quite as long as it’s taken me!

So that’s the nutshell! This is officially an invitation to take a soul’s journey with me.
I’ll be updating right here on the blog and on my social medias. I may even get some help along the way so I stay on top of it!

See you on the path! 😀

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