Postcards From Rome: Q&A-palooza!

More Q&A from Rome!

On deck today: 2 new Q&A videos from Rome, plus a new “Postcard” image!

THANK YOU everyone for contributing such great queries! I’m enjoying tackling them in various locations around the city. It always gets me thinking – and I like that.

Remember… all my comments are COMPLETELY subjective and based upon how I do things. Always good to keep in mind.

I was strolling along the Tiber River when I found this wonderful, colorful graffiti sprayed onto the stone walls. I mean, there’s graffiti everywhere here… but this was unusually vibrant and begged to be used for a backdrop!.

The question:  do I convert my color images to black and white in-camera with one of Fujifilm’s film simulations – or if I do it Lightroom or Photoshop?

Next,  I was asked what kind of workflow I use when I shoot a scene. RAW image & JPG? Film simulation bracketing? All of the above? How do I decide?

New “postcard” image: 

Finally… I fell in love with this little red Vespa, sitting in a long lineup of it’s tougher, darker brethren. It sat in an area where there was an absolutely gorgeous light pouring down from above, bouncing off the deep golden buildings, then settling in to caressing everything it touched.

I also loved that there’s a heart on the wall! It signifies exactly how I feel about this image. 😉