New York And New Beginnings


Here at the start of our “Postcards From an Artist” adventure in New York, I couldn’t help but muse on new beginnings.

I mean, I’ve never done anything quite like this before.  I’m excited, kind of nervous, imagining all the cool stuff that might happen, places I’ll see… the food, sights, sounds and smells I’ll experience and hopefully… the lives that will be touched along way. Including my own. I’ve assigned myself with ALOT to do on this journey… will I be able to keep up it all? Will everyone enjoy this experience and have a good time? Will an ihater barf on our parade at a vulnerable moment? WHO KNOWS!

One thing I do know is that NOT knowing is part of the adventure. Being open to my own guidance and inspiration… owning my quest for light and spark of divine fire; that’s what to focus on. Because that’s the magnetic force that will lead the way to awesomeness.

The thing is, it takes so little to begin anew. I can be one little “yes”. It can simply be a “not-no”. For once, don’t ALWAYS say “no” to your heart’s desire, to that thing you want to do so much. I know why you naysay, too. You say “NO!” to your fondest desires to protect yourself from disappointment just in case “Yes” doesn’t work out.

Honey, it’s not my first rodeo. Been there, done it. Alot. But here’s the thing. It takes sooooo little to shift the current. Begin anew by taking one small action toward your “Yes”. For once, stop yourself from saying “No” and entertain the idea that “Cool Things Happen to Me, Too”.

Hey, “Postcards From an Artist” is MY dream.
But the more pertinent question… what’s yours?

I had some musings about all this whilst walking through Central Park in New York…

Here’s to you, Ray Bradbury…

I read something today from Ray Bradbury. My dear friend Tanya Wallis sent it to me, in recognition of what we’re REALLY up to here.

It’s a chapter from his book: Zen In The Art Of Writing (that’s a link to the downloadable PDF), in which he talks about the Muse (one of my favorite topics!). You may want to substitute your own area of endeavor for his references to writing… but the muse is The Muse, no matter your discipline. The message applies to all. And he conveys it brilliantly. I’ll admit it… water leaked out of my eyes a couple of times.

It’s is a bit of a read. Not all will want to bother. But those of you who most need to see it, will see it. And you’ll be glad you did.

So get comfortable, put your feet up with a cup of tea, coffee or a lovely glass of red and prepare to say hello to your Muse!

Again: here’s the PDF version online and here it is on Amazon.

From that day in Central Park: