When To Take That Photograph: And When to Fuggedaboutit

When DO You Take a Photograph?

Anytime I visit New York City, I always make sure I get into Central Park for some nice airing out. This trip was no different.

What WAS different is that I recorded a couple of quick video segments, sharing some thoughts I had about “when to photograph”… and about keeping eyes ears and heart open for special moments that happen along your travels, wherever they may take you.

And here are a few brand images, taken with my new Fujifilm XPro 2 and 27mm f/2.8 prime lens.
I continue to be so, so grateful that I picked up Fuji… it constantly helps me grow and express what I want to say with my images like no other camera I’ve used has.

[reaches over and pets her X-Pro 2. It purrs.)

New Fujifilm X-Pro2 Images